Sunday, 22 April 2012

Greetings from Klaipeda, Lithuania

Hello dear friends!

We are 26 students. from Lithuania, Klaipeda, Gedminai main school, from 5a class. We like music, dancing, travelling. Thank you for this fantastic project. We would like to make some friends from different countries. We are happy to take part on this project because we can find new friends and improve our English.
Our school is rather big. There are 950 students and more than 80 teachers. The school is active and well known for its activities of Tolerance Education Centre, Ethnoculture centre and also after school activities. Our school is always open for innovations and takes part in the Education Improvement and Renovation Projects.
Klaipeda is the third town in Lithuania according to population. The population of Klaipeda is 203.269 people. Klaipeda is near the river Dane, Kuršiai Lagoon and near the Baltic sea. Klaipeda is Lithuania's only seaport. There are Klaipeda University, 30 schools and some colleges. We have got some Art galleries and two theatres: Musical theatre and Drama theatre. There are a lot of museums. We have got some festivals in Klaipeda, such as Young musicians Festival, International Folklore Festival and Song's and Dance's festival.

With best wishes,Saulius Rudelis and “Eurodance 2012” team